Why exactly did RDM get the Boot?

To be honest, I’m really enjoying this whole ‘RDM sacking’ fiasco! I mean, which fan wouldn’t enjoy seeing his/her rival team in such turmoil, right?! 😀

But come to think of it, why exactly was the poor soul fired?

Was it because Chelsea lost 3-0 to Jueventus? At Turin?
I ought to say, as an unbiased spectator, I never expected Chelsea to win agaisnt Juventus. Lets face it, we’re talking about a side in transition taking on the Serie A champions, at their home ground! The best Chelsea could have done was to get a draw out of it. Agreed, he put out a side with no striker in it (50 million pounds warming the bench, God!) but is that reason enough to throw a Manager out on his backside?
If you look at the stats, Chelsea still have a very good chance of qualifying through to the knockout stages of the Champions League. I have my money on them.

Or was it because Chelsea failed to win in their last 4 Premier League games?
They have been up agaisnt Man Utd (they were never gonna win that game! ;)), Swansea (who have been terrific at home so far), Liverpool (who just somehow know how to get atleast a point from Stamford Bridge, they just know!), and West Bromwich Albion (who, again, have been tremendous so far this season). Now, even after taking just 2 points out of possible 12, they are just 4 points behind league leaders Man City! This definitely says a lot about the efforts put in by the Manager to give such a huge cushion of points so early in the season.

Chelsea’s season might not be going as planned, but it certainly was too early ringing the alarm bells.

Basically, all it needs to fire a Manager at Chelsea Football Club, all it took to fire the man who helped Chelsea realise its age old dream of getting their hands on the Champions League trophy,  is to fail to win a few games in a row. This is a new low, even for Roman Abramovich. Good Luck to whoever dares to set foot in this death trap!


3 thoughts on “Why exactly did RDM get the Boot?

  1. i see i see the journo spark in you too dude!! it’s brilliant !! looking forward to read more about the weekend raga of MANUTD!

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