The Chelsea Saga

Chelsea manager Roberto di Matteo was “ruthlessly” fired and a new interim manager is coming. Chelsea Football Club has now had 17 managers in the last 25 years. The search for the new interim manager has finally ended. And it is Rafa Benitez 😀 :-D.

I’ll tell you in detail.

Up until two-three years ago, Premier League had a thing called “The Big Four”. It meant the four big clubs of the English Premier League. They were- Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. Rafa Benitez was the manager of Liverpool at that time. Rafa is considered as the reason for Liverpool’s downfall. He ruined the club, and was fired from there.

After being fired from Liverpool, he took a few managerial jobs here and there but he couldn’t do anything. By that time he had lost all his credibility.

Now, during his time with Liverpool, he had quite a few run-ins with Chelsea and CFC’s then manager, Jose Mourinho. In fact, Rafa was responsible for denying Chelsea a place in the Champion’s league for a couple of seasons in between. Liverpool beat Chelsea in crucial matches because of which Chelsea couldn’t qualify.

So Chelsea supporters hate him. They HATE him!

A Manager is basically picked seeing his passion for the club and his reputation, his credibility. Rafa Benitez has neither :-).

So in all, Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea, has made the biggest blunder of his Chelsea Football Club ownership till now.

All this works out pretty well for Manchester United. Chelsea will be busy sorting out their internal mess, Arsenal no longer has any intentions of winning a cup. That leaves the ‘noisy neighbours’. Well, we know just exactly what silences them! 😉


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